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Wearable Tech + mobile Audio

I'm sure a lot of people are starting to enjoy the benefits of wearable tech. 


I've just started messing around with a Pebble Smart Watch, and I'm sure other wearables have similiar features. 


Besides the changeable watch faces and fitness apps - the music controls are by far the most usefull app I use. 


I can have my phone playing music through bluetooth to a speaker in the kitchen or the bathroom - and see my song/artist on my watch!! Also can pause or change tracks!! 


This also works with the bluetooth audio in my car (great when I'm stuck in the back seat). 



Does anybody else have a great way to use these watches/bands with a portable or car stereo? or have a favorite feature that is not usually advertised?




good bye and thanks for all the fish!!
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Re: Wearable Tech + mobile Audio

Hi ShwaCarInstall,


Since I've had some experience in this area, I thought I'd take a moment to add my thoughts.


For the most part, smartwatch integration is very limited with vehicles. BMW has an Android Wear app that will remote start a compatible vehicle. Pebble had shown a Mercedes-branded model last year, but don't think anything really came of that. And the Apple Watch should have some further integration as well, particularly for cars that will offer CarPlay.


I do know that if you don't have Bluetooth in your vehicle, you can use the Apple Watch to make or take a call, as well as talk to the person through the watch. And as you noted, you can control music playing in the car through the watch too.


Navigation is another one. You can have spoken turn-by-turn directions go from your phone to your watch — another advantage if your car doesn't have Bluetooth. It's also an easy to glance at your watch before preparing to make a turn or change lanes.


What will be interesting in the future is measuring things like driver fatigue and impairment using wearables. It's likely only a matter of time before sensors in the car communicate with those in the watch.

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Re: Wearable Tech + mobile Audio

It will really impress the police...

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