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subwoofer fuse bracket broke polk audio

Hi had problem with my subwoofer  took of back panel to replace fuse. I had hard time getting new one in and broke the tab that holds fuse wont stay in now need new bracket can Geek Squad  fix  thanks Bill

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Re: subwoofer fuse bracket broke polk audio

Welcome to the Best Buy Community Plug-in @BillMark Smiley Happy

Bummer about the broken fuse holder Smiley Sad

If you purchased your Polk Audio subwoofer with a Geek Squad protection plan, your subwoofer is covered, however if you did not, then you may need to contact Polk Audio directly to order a replacement fuse holder

As these fuse holders are fairly common, another alternative would be to locate a local electronics parts supply store to locate a replacement.

I would urge you to have your subwoofer inspected by an authorized service depot, as a blown fuse indicates a potential problem within the unit.