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Music in the delivery room -what's your baby playlist?

Leading up to Jacks birth I was definitely anxious and one of the things I found that really helped me relax leading up to, during and after Jacks birth was music!

I started a Jack playlist a few weeks out with songs that were soothing, and made me really happy Smiley Happy When I went into labour I put the playlist on repeat, I even brought my smartphone and a sound dock into the delivery room to help keep me calm through everything. I can honestly say it REALLY helped me out and I would suggest it for any expecting mom. It brings a little piece of comfort and calm when everything around you is anything but!

3.5 months later I still put the playlist on and it makes me smile. I'm also adding new songs regularly and would love some suggestions from anyone on songs you find that speak to you about having a baby or just make you happy in general!

Here are some of the songs that topped my Jack playlist:

Adele - make you feel my love
*leading up to labour this song led to some happy but very teary eyed drives home - what girl doesn't love a good car cry?!

Nina Simone - Feeling good
'Will always be Jacks song to meSmiley Happy

Bill Withers - Lovely Day

Bob Marley - Is this Love

Ella Fitzgerald - Dream a Little Dream

Jack Johnson - someday at Christmas
*Jack was born in December so I had to have a Xmas song!

Lumineers - Ho Hey

Beatles - In My Life

I would love some other songs you could suggest!
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Re: Music in the delivery room -what's your baby playlist?

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I didn't have music in the delivery room, but I used to listen to a classical CBC station in the office when I was pregnant.  The afternoon host just loved the late opera singer, Florence Foster Jenkins, who has been described with an impossibly long list of negative adjectives. She was, quite simply, a very bad opera singer.  But the host got a great chuckle out of how bad she was and played her music on a regular basis. utero, my son either loved her beyond all reason, or objected strongly. Because even when the radio was across the room, he would carry on like he was break dancing on my kidneys, as long as her music played.


Did that affect his musical tastes? It might have Smiley Happy  I took him to a performance of Turandot when he was 13, and he loved it. And that's something when you can thrill a teen with opera.