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Vacationing and Travelling With the Rugrats

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Whether it be a short road trip, a longer vacation somewhere abroad, or a getaway for the weekend, many of us have some sort of travel planned this year. Several of my friends will be welcoming newborns into their families this year. I recently helped one of my friends pick out a crib for the baby boy that he's expecting. Until recently, my friends and I would plan all sorts of vacations and short trips as a group, and most of us were able to pack efficiently at a moment's notice. That will all change moving forward, as some of us will be bringing along the rugrats when we travel. So now, I find myself suggesting baby travel gear that they might need if we want to keep going on our big group trips!



Many parents might need to consider packing high chairs, portable play yards, car seats, a stroller-carseat combo, and the list goes on. Perhaps some of you parents out there already have experience with this, and so maybe you can speak to this more. Maybe some of you are aunts and uncles, godparents, or you spend a lot of time with your friends' kids and you've travelled with them. Let us know what's convenient and efficient for you Smiley Very Happy






How do you manage all the baby gear you need to take with you when you travel? What are the things that you consider necessities, and what are things that are bonus items?



What are some features that are must-haves for you?



Any advice on travelling with babies?







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