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What are your most interesting & innovative baby shower gift ideas?


Another week, another baby shower!  At least that’s how it can sometimes feel Smiley Wink On our team alone, there have been 2 babies born in the past week, and one more on the way very shortly, so we’re always on the hunt for fun baby shower gift ideas that are unique and useful.


I always like to sneak in a little pampering for mom & dad, like a spa gift card or a housecleaner for an hour.


What have been some invaluable, “out of the box” baby shower gifts that you’ve received or given?


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Re: What are your most interesting & innovative baby shower gift ideas?

I think the shower gift totally depends on whether baby is born or not!

I had my baby showers for the most part after Jack was born and one of the best gifts I received was a framed photo showing the meaning and historical background of his name. It was personal, unique, cute and something we will hold on to for a long time!

I was pretty surprised and a little disappointed we didn't receive more personalized things like keepsakes engraved with his birth details.

If the shower takes place before baby is born go for practical gifts like bath stuff, receiving blankets, or a sleep sac! I highly recommend the Halo swaddle sleep sac. In the hospital the nurses are very skilled at swaddling baby in the tightest, most perfect burritos ever! However, when it came to my husband and I doing the swaddle with a blanket it was more like a messy taco. Before Jacks birth I bought the Halo swaddle sleep sac which has the extra fabric allowing you to wrap babys arms in a swaddle type position without relying on folding, it's foolproof! It really took the stress out of wondering what to put baby in for sleep that would keep him safe, comfortable and most importantly asleep Smiley Happy

I also totally agree that a pamper gift for mom is key. I would suggest a really nice bottle of booze (of course since I love a good drink!). In the first few months nights out and away from baby can be tough but a fancy bottle of something the mom likes whether it's wine, champagne or even some fancy tea/coffee are awesome. These are the things we've been deprived of for months so getting something special that can be enjoyed at home when baby has gone to bed is a nice treat! I had some amazing friends give me a bottle of Moët which allowed us to toast jacks birth together and it really was the best glass of champagne I've ever had Smiley Happy
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Re: What are your most interesting & innovative baby shower gift ideas?

I loved gifts that were on my other mommy friends tried and tested "must-have" lists.  Some of my "Mommy must have's" that you could keep in mind for your next baby shower include:
Aden + Anais swaddling blankets & sleep sacs
- A good breast pump (if breast feeding) plus lots of nursing cream
- A swing that can be used from birth (any of the "Fisher Price Cradle n Swing" swings are my absolute favourite)
- A good quality stroller (think about your lifestyle before making this purchase.  I personally need one that takes me from the mall to the trails and back.  My Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle has been used through 2 kids almost every single day for over four years now and is still going strong!)
- Carriers.  I like to have both a fabric carrier, such as the Baby K'Tan or Moby Wrap, and also a soft structured carrier, like the ErgoBaby, which will see you from about 3 months (or from birth using the infant inserts) right through to the toddler years.


I also totally agree with giving personalized gifts. You can find lots of DIY kits for things like hand & foot print impressions or for displaying keepsakes like hospital bracelets, newborn hats, locks of hair and other meaningful items. Or try to think of something personalized to the parents.  If Dad is a sports fan, you could get them something for the baby from their favourite team.  My husband is a HUGE hockey fan, so friends of ours have gotten us an infant hockey jersey from his favourite team customized with our last name and the last two digits in their birth year as the number on the back for each of our kids (most team-stores now offer jersey personalization for a small additional cost).  Once my oldest grew out of her jersey, I mounted it in a shadow box and it's now hanging on the wall. If Mom was a dancer as a child, head to a dance shop and get the baby her first pair of tiny ballet shoes or a tutu that could be used in an infant photo shoot. Speaking of photo-shoots, maybe you could find out who the couples favourite local photographer is and get them a gift certificate for family photos (hint - if they've recently had a wedding, their wedding photographer will be a very good guess...)