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What words of wisdom would you share with new parents?

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If you had one piece of advice to share with new parents, what would it be?




Although I cannot claim authority on this, as I have not had the pleasure of welcoming a bundle into this world just yet Smiley Wink, I consulted several of my mama-fied friends to get their top tip for new parents:


Don’t worry so much about whether you’re doing the “right” thing.
You worry about whether you’re doing the right thing for your child but what other people think is right might not be right for you. So don’t worry about what other people are doing. Every child is different and what works for one (i.e. breastfeeding vs. formula) doesn’t work for all. And give yourself a break!


Sleep when they sleep!
When they are still newborns, sleep when they sleep – even when your place is messy and you haven’t showered. Don’t get too fixed on a sleeping schedule because they will change it as soon as you do.


Eat well because you need your energy!
Sometimes you get caught up in making sure that the baby is looked after and the family is looked after and the house is somewhat clean… but you have to remember to keep yourself nourished as well because that baby is depending on you!



What piece of advice would you share for first-time parents?



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Re: What words of wisdom would you share with new parents?

Good post, Laura! I also can't claim authority in this field (yet! :smileyhappy:) but am a new, proud Auntie and totally agree with your comments around sleeping and eating - mainly, just taking care of yourself! 


Everyone wants to help new parents - so take advantage of it! Write down different foods or household items you need. That way, when someone asks what they can bring over, you have something at hand, and the guest feels useful.


Also, don't overdo it by inviting the whole fam over immediately after the baby is born... you will be tired (and cranky!) and there will be plenty of time to get together with friends and family once you have the hang of parenting.


Enjoy yourself and these precious moments - and take a moment to remember to do things you love!



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Re: What words of wisdom would you share with new parents?

I don't have any babies either but the couple of things that my dad always told me are:


1. Don't be afraid of "breaking" them (unless you drop them or something), kids are resilient and they will be just fine.

2. Enjoy the early years when you can do with them whatever you want. They will eventually grow and instead of getting easier it gets more difficult because now you can't just feed them or dress them, they now get a say and apparently that complicates things.


Good luck!

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Re: What words of wisdom would you share with new parents?

I agree with Jorge wholeheartedly. Getting ready with a 3 year old can be an oddissey, especially when she doesnt want to put her shoes on!....*sigh.....