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HERO5 Black GoPro

I am interested in the HERO5 Black GoPro.  I see online, on the model comparison chart, that it’s the only model that is waterproof to 131 feet (With Waterproof Housing).  However the GoPro Hero5 Black Super Suit product description reads that it can go down to 196ft.  Re. warranties – given this, which depth am I safe to take the camera to in the Super Suit Housing?  Is there another case that only goes to 131 fee hence the info. in the comparison chart?

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Re: HERO5 Black GoPro

hi there @Marlise


We reached out to GoPro and they provided the following information:


Hero5 black - waterproof to 10 meters/33 feet with no housing

Super suit - waterproof to 60 meters/196 feet 


The 131 ft is attributable to the hero4 family.


Hopefully that clarifies things! 



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