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what tripods are extendible?

examples: you can have them small and portable to carry around or max them out to a full size when recording

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Re: what tripods are extendible?

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  • look for "travel" tripods which are designed to be stored in a smaller package
  • think about weight.... my carbon fibre tripods gets take out 5 times more often than my aluminum tripods
  • how many segments.... more means it stores shorter, but may be less stable
  • how tall do you want your tripod?  Is 4 ft enough? I sometimes like 7 feet to shoot over people's heads.
  • is this for a DSLR?  You might want to look for an L bracket if you take lots of sidewalks pictures
  • think about the head... for video... I like a "fluid head" to chase my subjects.  Arca swiss for DSLR's.  Don't like pan heads.