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3800mAh Battery for Samsung S5

I ordered 2 3800mAH batteries for the Samsung S5 and received 2 3000mAH batteries instead. This item is available online only. How do I go about exchanging them for the correct battery?

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Re: 3800mAh Battery for Samsung S5

Hi there,

this might be a bit of an issue with the website having a misprint. The original Samsung battery is ~2800mAh, with modern tech I can see it being increased to 3000mAh without a physically bigger battery.

However, I do not see 30% larger capacity in the same physical amount of space happening without the battery costing significantly more. I would get in touch with our customer service team (1-866-Bestbuy) and confirm if indeed the battery is 3800mAh as stated, as I'm sure its a mistake on our end.

Best of luck
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Re: 3800mAh Battery for Samsung S5

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Based on the review comments it seems that people who ordered this item got 3000 instead of 3800.  I think there may be a mix-up in the inventory.  One other thing to look out for is Samsung may place NFC antenna in the battery; if you buy 3rd party batteries you may lose NFC functionalities.