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CTV Phone security tips => *#06#

Dial *#06# to retrieve your IMEI number today!

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Re: CTV Phone security tips => *#06#

Nice tip.  I guess we all take it for granted that everyone has a smartphone.

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Re: CTV Phone security tips => *#06#

There is one more important tip for all those using any "Cordless phone" and Cellular system.

Anything transmitted in the air, will be picked up by air, and not necessarily those you want.

I can listen in to my neighbour's phone calls, on my wireless headphones.  Cellular technology has been compromised already, so the ony secure form of conversation todate is still a wired phone. And it takes a judge to allow wire tapping by the Police.

Keep this in mind when you do any banking on your phone, or provide passwords or codes using cellular of wireless technology.