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Need SGN2 help

Just got my Note Thursday.

Somehow I got the "Emergency Call" screen on.

I have no emergency numbers on my phone and can't do a thing.

How do I get out of that screen and back to the main screen? 


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Re: Need SGN2 help

Hey 1340, 


A few questions before we breakdown the cause: 

1. Did you try entering the pin to unlock your phone? I'm asking this because the emergency call screen is there to call your local authorities incase of emergencies without unlocking your phone (hitting emergency on the unlock screen) 


2. Is it stuck there even if you restart your phone? I'm talking about both soft reset (turning it off and back on) and hard reset (taking out the battery and putting it back in)


Personally I believe you accidentally hit the emergency call button on the unlock screen and a simple hit of the back button or home button should bring you back, but I did hear about this issue on a few JellyBean Nexus' didn't know it was possible on the note, but do keep me informed.



Janul Saini

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