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Note 3 wont turn on PEP product exchange plan

Hi there, 


I have the samsung note 3 and i had to get the screen replaced because it shattered. long story short the repair guy phoned me and said that the motherboard is fried and that it wont turn on. the water damage stickers havnt been trigered and ive never dropped it in water. i paid for the product exchange plan and want to know if my phone will be covered for a replacment. When i bought the exchange plan they told me it wont cover accidental screen damage and liquid damage. Is it possible to have liquid damage and not have the stickers turn red. and if that is the case and the stickers are still white does that mean best buy has to replace my phone. i know ill have to take it in for them to look at it but i thought id still ask. 

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Re: Note 3 wont turn on PEP product exchange plan



Did the person taking care of your repair say that the motherboard was fried from water damage or that it was fried in general? It is perfectly possible to have a motherboard fry just from normal use.

Assuming you had the screen fixed on the phone (as the product exchange plan doesnt cover accidental damage) and during the geek squads phone check they dont find any water damage in the phone then you should be able to get an exchange no problem.

Your safest bet is heading into the closest Best Buy location to you and getting one of the Geeks to take a look.


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