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Product exchange plan and getting Rogers note 3 on fido

So I have the PEP and I'm going to best buy to get it fixed or either a new phone if I'm eligible for a new one if my PEP covers it. And I want to get the note 3 but they don't sell it for fido but they have it for Rogers (and every other big cell company) so i was wondering if it would be possible to still get the note 3 because they told me when buying the PEP I CAN GET ANY PHONE I WANT. But then I was wondering wouldn't it be locked to that carrier. But since fido is running on Rogers network wouldn't it work. Or couldn't they just unlock the phone and make it work with fido. Please help. Thanks Smiley Happy
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Re: Product exchange plan and getting Rogers note 3 on fido

Hey @Jesse312 ,

It should be possible to get a Note 3 from Rogers and use it with a Fido SIM.  I talked to our Mobile reps about this before answering you on the other thread and they told me it should work.  Definitely talk to the reps at the store since they are the ones you will be dealing with, but it should work just fine.  I'll put this on the other threads asking the question as well.  Hopefully this helps answer the question.

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