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Renewing my warranty on a new (replaced) phone???

I recently got my phone replaced (Google Pixel)  as the other had gotten damaged.

I was sent an e-gift card and I went into my nearest Best Buy and got a new phone.

He mentioned something about renewing my warranty for this phone as the warranty would no longer cover the new phone.
How do I go about this?? Not entirely sure about that process and what I need to do, or if I need to go in to an actual best buy location or call.



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Re: Renewing my warranty on a new (replaced) phone???

It really depends on the warranty plan you purchased, best option would be to go back in and talk to the cell associate they would be best equiped to answer your questions.


Typically most plans become void once the phone is replaced, and you arent renewing the plan, you are just purchasing the plan again