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Upgrade to iPhone 6s with Rogers

We have an iPhone 6 currently with a Rogers plan/sim. Can I purchase a Rogers 128G iPhone 6s (VIP sale) and transfer the existing Rogers plan/sim to it? 


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Re: Upgrade to iPhone 6s with Rogers

I don't see why you can't.


You are paying for the original iPhone 6 with your current plan.  As long as you keep your payments, you should be able to maintain your service.


The service is tied to your SIM card.  If you pay outright for your iPhone 6s, you just need to switch the SIM card from your old phone to your new phone and it should work.


Your 6s should be either a Rogers phone, or an unlocked phone.  It can't be locked to another service provider (like Bell).

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Re: Upgrade to iPhone 6s with Rogers

There may be an upgrade fee involved depending how old your plan is.

I highly suggest to inquire within the store today before making the purchase tomorrow to save time, as it will be very busy in the latter part of the afternoon (short day for most people) and into the evening.