Keep calm and carry on and on and on.

by Vendor ‎06-05-2012 08:18 AM - edited ‎06-05-2012 08:26 AM

royalty picture.gifWhat the Royals teach us about keeping relevant in a connected world.


The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee really is amazing stuff.


Not the Jubilee itself – the fact that a Queen could rule for more than six decades (that’s been done before). It’s the fact that we even care at all.


It wasn’t too long ago that British Royalty was sliding towards irrelevance – an online poll just five years back saw nearly 60% of respondents saying exactly that. But today, Elizabeth, Charles, Kate, William and the rest enjoy high profile and are generally beloved once again.


And while it helps that last year’s Royal Wedding was a big help – everyone loves Will and Kate it seems – what’s interesting to me is how the Royals have caught the attention of younger audiences with smart media moves. A group once seemingly private and stern has embraced openness and technology in some pretty interesting ways.


Facebook of the queen.gifThe Royals have more than a half million “Likes” on Facebook. They’re tweeting about the Jubilee. Charles even got into the mix with a visit to Ryerson’s high tech media lab during his recent visit.


I think that there’s a lesson here for institutions once thought to be old and stodgy – reach out and connect. 

If you open up and let the world in, the world (including those all-important youngsters) will rediscover you. It’s working for the Royals in Britain. It was a big part of the groundswell that reincarnated the characters of the Avengers. And it’s even bringing back a few once-thought-to-be-dead brands.