Reunite your family with new Samsung technology

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Growing up, I remember that no one could bring my family together quite like my mom. From playing the family doctor, to the perfect Scrabble competitor, or the way she could rally everyone outside to enjoy a snowy afternoon. But with devices like smartphones, HDTVs and laptops creating a world where connecting with social networks outside the home has become the priority, moms these days are competing with technology to keep their families together. If only there were a modern technology that moms could use to bring their families back together.



Togetherness in the Good Ol’ Days


It was her grandmother that used the radio to bring the family together. Everyone gathered to listen to an exciting drama or a hockey game around the household’s only radio. In the ‘50s, her mother used the television set to assemble the family to watch game shows, sitcoms, westerns and news reports. But now, this communal watching experience is being threatened and no one is more at odds with this dilemma than mom.


Mom, technology and the family room


After circling the globe, I’ve seen that moms from all over the world share a love-hate relationship with technology. She loves her smartphone because of its productivity features, and how it keeps her organized and connected to loved ones. She also loves how it gives her time to herself, thanks to the DVD player entertaining her children in the rec room or the laptop in the den where her husband’s checking the stats of his football pool. But when she gets home and looks around, no one’s to be found; the so-called family room is empty.

Luckily, the same wave of innovation that hit smartphone apps is about to come to the living room. Different from smartphone and tablet apps, which are geared towards single users, Smart TV apps will target groups of people of varying ages and interests to suit everyone’s needs. I strongly believe that the television is making the transition to an interactive hub that lets people pursue their passions together in the “family” room.


How can Mom reunite the family?


After dinner, gather everyone and choose from thousands of movies and educational programs to watch on-demand or play console-less video games together. Or why not use the big screen and built-in camera to call the grandparents using Skype on Sunday mornings? The TV can once again be the piece of technology to unite the home, and the Samsung Smart TV is the best device to deliver this experience.



So, Mom, what does your family love doing together the most? Odds are you can do it on a Samsung Smart TV.

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