Why it’s a great time to break up with your old computer

by Vendor on ‎02-14-2013 07:58 PM

Visual of breaking up with old computer.jpgBe honest. How long did you wait for your computer to boot up this morning?


If it was more than a couple of minutes, I feel your pain – there was a time that I’d start my PC, then head off to make coffee. When I’d come back, it’d be almost ready for me. Because I found something to do in the interim, I could live with the delay.


It was the delays throughout the day that told me my older system wasn’t delivering what I needed. Watching the hourglass spin when I tried to print a spreadsheet, or seeing the system freeze up when I pressed “Send” on an email cost me time, but worse than that, they left me mildly frustrated for the entire day.


For me, it wasn’t about benchmarks and graphs that detailed how “fast” or “great” a new system was, it was the fact that I know I could get more out of my day. And so, I upgraded – and the productivity boosts have been worth it. Here’s four reasons why you might feel the same way...


1. You’re “doing” more with your computer.

The reality with computers – desktops, Ultrabooks, tablets – is that they keep getting so much better that we ask them to do more and more. Ten years ago, we were just getting started with wireless Internet access. Five years ago, streaming a movie online was a new idea. Today, we’re trying to do several things at once (I have 7 different things open right now). Because we want to do more, we have to upgrade so we have the ability to do those things.


2. Big things are changing with the computing experience.

Take a peek in your local Best Buy store and you’ll see that systems have undergone a major change – even over the last year. Windows 8 is out, creating a new way to get things done. Touchscreens are everywhere, making it easier to find and interact with information. Ultrabooks mean you don’t have to choose between performance and battery life – and it’s all in a super light package. Form factors are changing. And yes, things are faster – from processors to hard drive. In the time it now takes to start up, you barely have the time to say “coffee,” never mind make one. But please do, it is the only way I get going in the day : )


3. It’s easier to get up and running.

With cloud-based services, getting your files from your old computer to your new system is easier than ever before – as simple as one button press in some cases. It has traditionally been a bit of a hassle to make the transition. Today, that’s less of the case.


4. You can get more for less.

Great desktops, Ultrabooks and tablets cost less than you’d expect. You can get systems that wirelessly stream to your TV, multi-task all your work and personal stuff, plus work all day on one battery charge – and it won’t break the bank. In fact if you remember what you paid 3 or 4+ years ago, the PC the prices have actually dropped since then.   


Do more. Get better. All for less. If you spend any part of your day waiting for your computer, or wished you could do more with what you have, it might just be time you broke up with your old system and looked at something new.


by Legendary Oracle
on ‎02-15-2013 07:32 AM

For myself, I replace my computers when they just won't work anymore and/or Microsoft stops supporting the OS.


My dual-core Vista laptop was taking 15 minutes to start up at one time.  Then I brought the RAM from 4gb to 8gb.  I also transferred the spindle hard drive contents to an SSD hybrid.  I my machine became a new love as boot up was down to a few minutes.


To keep performance on a old machine running fast....

  • use a virus checker to ensure the machine does not have malicious programs running in the background
  • Norton products has a "stealth mode" that reduces non critical activities if you need high performance.
  • defrag your spindle drive
  • reduce the number of programs during startup or use a start up manager ot delay non-critical programs
  • minimize the number of files on your desktop

In the spirit of recycling....

  • when replace your old machine.... if it still works, just run it along side the new machine.  When my new machine is busy rendering videos.  My old machine is great for surfing and emails.
  • if the machine OS is totally ruined.... consider Ubuntu Linix.  Love the 30 second bootups.

BTW... instead of purchasing value machines..... pay a little more and getting multi-core machines early on makes a difference in the boot time.

by Vendor
on ‎02-15-2013 11:12 AM

thanks for the suggestions. you certainly know your way around the inside of a computer. Well done!