Smartphone Apps and Your Household Devices

by Vendor on ‎02-28-2013 10:12 AM

Apps.jpgSmartphones, tablets and mobile apps continue their explosive growth in popularity as new devices and apps are released.  It seems like there is a new hot device or app every week.  This thriving ecosystem enables you to have even more control and access to various household devices and sources of content. 


For example, Telus Optik TV subscribers can take advantage of their “Optik Smart Remote” or “Optik on the Go” apps.  The Optik Smart Remote App enables customers to browse their guide, change channels and even manage their recordings. All of this can be done within the home through Wi-Fi or on the road if you have the app on an appropriate mobile device with a wireless data plan or through Wi-Fi.  With Optik on the Go, subscribers can watch TV on Demand, shows and movies on their smartphone or tablet (along with an internet connection).  As an added benefit, Telus customers can also benefit from reductions on their electricity bill as Telus is currently the only service provider to offer ENERGY STAR® qualified set-top boxes.


As you prepare for the fast-approaching holiday season and look to buy some last-minute gifts, here are some ideas to help you choose energy efficient products and technologies.


Power Smart Month is here at Best Buy!

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Power Smart Month.jpgCan you believe it’s October and another Power Smart Month already?!?  Time really flies and this is a perfect time of year to think about energy efficiency as the leaves are changing colour and the weather gets cooler.


How can I reduce my overall energy consumption?

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With the growing availability and power of mobile computing and communication devices, a frequently asked question is “How can I use these to reduce my overall energy consumption?”

Tablet_July Blog_BB.jpg


Be energy efficient with your gadgets

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Take a few minutes to learn some energy-efficiency basics that will help ensure new devices don’t add significant electricity costs in your home.


Electronics Recycling

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Old TV.jpg

While cleaning and organizing your home, take advantage of the ability to trade-in or recycle your unused electronics. 


bc-hydroAnother year has come and gone and we recently saw the annual flurry of product announcements and reveals at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  This year was no different as the world’s largest tradeshow was the backdrop for all the new and exciting technology that should be making its way to your local Best Buy soon.  Aside from the usual announcements of large screen TV’s, mobile devices and other entertainment products, there were two that could have a big impact on energy efficiency in your home in the near future.


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