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Be honest. How long did you wait for your computer to boot up this morning?


If it was more than a couple of minutes, I feel your pain – there was a time that I’d start my PC, then head off to make coffee. When I’d come back, it’d be almost ready for me. Because I found something to do in the interim, I could live with the delay.



You got a great gift for mom. Picked up a little something for the boss. And got everything on the kids’ lists.


Now, how about treating yourself to something special?


How to – Prep Your PC for Windows 8

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Windows 8 on Convertible Ultrabook.jpgAre you ready?


Windows 8 is just days away from release. And while there’s a whole lot of buzz around everything from live tiles to streaming music, there are a few things you need to do to make your upgrade experience the best it can be.


PhotoDirector 3 - Free Starter Kit with your purchase of an Intel Ultrabook

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To help you become more of an expert with your new Intel Ultrabook, we have put together a great starter kit that will allow you to make the pictures you take look more professional. PhotoDirector 3 allows you to whiten teeth, erase a few years & add in color or texture into a portrait picture. Something that you usually have to spend extra dollars with a professional photographer. I found this great video that shows how to- and it is easy, even for an amateur photographer like myself.

The overall bundle is worth $235 available while supllies last.


How a free piece of software can turn you into a photo wizard.

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Intel Canada has a limited time special offer on right now with Best Buy. When you buy an Ultrabook you get over $235 of free software. So I had a photographer friend do a review of some of the software on an Ultrabook to get his feedback. Was it a good experience? 

PhotoDirector 3 cat picture.jpg


Simon Cowell. Antonio Reid. You.

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SuperStars Banner.png


What do you all have in common? Well, for one, you all look fabulous.

But more than that, you have the ability to pick the next music sensation



Keep calm and carry on and on and on.

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What the Royals teach us about keeping relevant in a connected world.


The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee really is amazing stuff.


royalty picture.gifNot the Jubilee itself – the fact that a queen could rule for more than six decades (that’s been done before). It’s the fact that we even care at all.


Mount Everest.pngUltrabook™ scales new heights.


I know, I know – I’ve been talking about Ultrabook™ a lot lately.


But this story is too good to pass up.



Why I love my Ultrabook...this is the laptop I have always wanted!

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intel-ultrabook.jpgI did a strange little test the other day. I got out my watch and I timed out how long it would take my old laptop to fully start up. Total number of seconds?  53. Then I opened my new Ultrabook. Four seconds. At first glance, that 49 second difference might not seem like a big deal. But consider that I reboot twice a day for at least 300 days a year. Total time saved – just over eight hours a year. Eight hours. That’s practically a whole day of work (or play!) – and saving time is just one of the reasons I love my Ultrabook so much. For a long time now, we’ve all been working towards the “idealized future,” the one that includes the flying cars, the **bleep** Tracey watches and the itsy bitsy computers that can do just about anything. At least with Ultrabook, it seems like we’re a whole lot closer to that future. Here’s three reasons why...


The Real Power of Technology

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intel.jpgAccess to more ideas, more innovation, more hope. I have a very good friend who was diagnosed with cancer last year. She visited several Canadian specialists and to be blunt, the diagnosis was not good – they gave her six-months-to-a-year to live. This Christmas marked the one-year anniversary of her diagnosis. On a recent visit to her doctor, she was told that all the tumors – all the cancer – was gone. What on earth happened?


Stay Connected With Friends and Family for the Holidays

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Skype-300x300.pngYou can go home for the holidays. Intel just completed an Angus Reid study that showed 74% of Canadians have family and friends that they want to see over the holidays but can’t (highest in B.C. at 82 %/ lowest in Quebec at 69%). With Canada’s large multi-cultural and vast size 80% of respondents suggested distance as the biggest barrier preventing us from getting together in person. You could try a greeting card, but only 6% of us are engaging with the snail mail these days. So if we’re not connecting in traditional ways, how are Canadians keeping up with friends and family this season?


The Evolution of Me....and My Laptop

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Evolution of the laptop and me.jpgI took a weird little trip down memory lane the other day. I got my hands on one of those slim little Ultrabooks and just for fun, I pulled out the first laptop I ever bought – a $6000 brick  I bought to start my own business.(yes I know Holy Smokes!) It was over 7lbs and slower than a turtle walking across the street. These days the Ultrabook is more like a rocket racing around the world.


Ultrabooks: New for this holiday season!

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ASUS Zenbook.jpgGetting your list ready for the shopping season and want to get your loved one a new laptop? Or perhaps you are putting your own list together? Well think thin and light with great performance!


Voice controls for mobile devices – This could be a game changer for my son

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medium.jpgIs the old way of educating going to be completely challenged? Voice control for mobile devices seems to have suddenly hit the mainstream. Siri is your personal concierge on the iPhone 4s. Blackberry is giving away iSpeech for free after last week’s (little glitch). The upcoming Android 4.0 has more robust voice controls. There is some immediate benefits for us people who love apps but what could it mean for those with challenges?


Thank you for making things simply app-licable!

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small.jpgScheduling Nightmare Buster! I have a very busy life like all my friends do trying to keep all the balls in the air. Between kids, work, finances, taking care of my Mom, just trying to keep everything straight can be a real challenge. Who’s got soccer practice or drum lessons tonight and what time was the dog suppose to go to the vet? 


BlockBuster is closing! Now what?

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blockbuster_closing.jpgIt appears that we now need another place to get our movies. I know I should have moved to online quite awhile ago but being creatures of habit my son and I would ride our bike to go pick out a movie on a Friday or Saturday night. It killed two birds with one stone (not that I want to do that) but we got some exercise and fresh air before sitting through a 90 minute or more movie. So I have done a bit of homework to explore all the new options that have been recently launched in the Canadian market to figure out who’s got what and at what price.


Thinking about buying a PC? What you need to know before buying!

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itc-core-i5-222x154.pngWe’ve been travelling across Canada the past few weeks with Intel’s Visibly Smart tour, meeting thousands of Canadians and giving them insight into some of our best and latest technologies. A few things we’re getting questions on is what is the difference between 1st Generation Intel Core processors and 2nd Generation Core processors. Check out this post and let us walk you through it...


Looking to buy a new PC? Take one for a test drive!

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medium.jpgIf you’re in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver – you’re in luck. Intel is hitting the road with our Back to School Visibly Smart Tour. We’re putting laptops loaded with the latest Second Generation Intel Core Processors into a vehicle and touring it clear across the country.


"I'm Bored"

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kissing cousin Canada Day.pngArrrrggggggh


I just heard those infamous two words tumble out of my son’s mouth.


How did I end up being the entertainment director for him? I guess the only person I have to blame is myself. My son’s preference would be to play video games and sit in front of the TV all day. Going out for a bike ride or finding a friend to play with isn’t high on his list. He’s a focused kid and likes to work alone – so I’m always looking for interesting things to do that gets him moving.




Fruit Ninja App Free for PC until July 5th

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original.pngSo maybe you’ve been waiting to download  the Best Buy Intel AppUp Store. Well, now’s your time. Or your friend’s time… if you download now (RIGHT NOW!) you’ll receive the awesome and addictive Fruit Ninja for free. Normally you pay $4.99 for the pleasure of smashing fruit all over your screen, but if you download it now (NOW!) you’ll get it for free.


My Visual Life & How Your Pictures Could Make You a Winner!

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Share Your Visual Life.jpgI love to take pictures when I am on vacation so that the memories stay long after the trip is over. I do however have to pause and think about some of the things that I should be taking pictures of. It is typical to take that picture of the historical building, statue or a famous place. But what about that favorite place that you sat everyday to watch the sun rise with the first coffee of the day?  On my last trip at March break I made sure I took pictures of my sister and her husband who consumed several books by the pool- a luxury in our very busy lives. Sometimes the simplest pictures are the best and most memorable.


Four Things Your Next Computer Can Do – that your current one probably can’t.

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When I started working at Intel 11 years ago, we used technology very differently than we do now. Computers were a stationary device dictated by a wall plug and a specific place in the home. We then moved from using our PC as a productivity tool, email and web surfing device to Facebook, Twitter, blogging, YouTube. Moving to the ‘everything is social’ mode. And now we are evolving to the ‘everything is personal’ mode; wanting mobile, social, and personal experiences from our computing.



Part 2 of 2: Buying a Computer at Retail

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Turning "Yikes" into "Wow". Don't go home and then realize you really didn't improve your computing experience. There are so many new features that can make your computer more entertaining and freeing!


Part 1 of 2: Buying a Computer at Retail

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image2.jpgCheck out this post about my "yikes" moment...or what happened when I went to buy a computer at retail. I recently walked into a store in search of a new home PC. Shuffling along the aisles of the nameless retailer, I ran into a sales person. Over the next 15 minutes, he told me about available PCs and features.



Spyware: Avoid the places where it hangs out!

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Spyware lurks on the web, waiting for a chance to infect your computer. Knowing what to look out for is your best counterattack. Here is a few simple things to avoid, and if you do get infected, there is a quick solution……


Molding great young minds!

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DSC00346.JPGHaving just returned from a regional science fair, I had my eyes opened to something that is very important to parents and the success of our great country, Canada. If you have kids, nieces, nephews or grandkids read on.......


Spring Cleaning For Your PC

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Check out this post for a short video on how to give your laptop a second life. If you aren't up to doing it yourself then Geek Squad is only a call away. Suddenly your system can be much more responsive!



A 50th Anniversary to Remember

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small.jpgAnniversary parties are a sprint. I had just sent out the emails, organized the date with my sister-in-laws, got the menu together and reached out to distant relatives and family. I needed one more thing to put the icing on the cake and make it special. A slideshow!


These two words are a whole lot easier said than done. If you’re going to do this, be ready – it can be a slow and time-consuming effort but in the end oh so worth it! Read on...


Turn your family into movie stars or catch a fish!

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nemo.jpgSoooo Easy. If you’re interested in starting your own blog or want to capture those special moments without lugging around a big video camcorder, I have the perfect idea for you. For Christmas I got a Kodak Playsport camcorder that is the size of a cell phone. So when you’re at the hockey rink and your son or daughter Jamie (unisex name- clever) shoots their first goal, you’ve got it on digital film, assuming you aren’t drinking Tim’s at the time (so Canadian eh? Smiley Happy).


Need a new PC but don't know where to start?

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PC buying Guide.JPG

It isn’t easy to understand all of the terms that make up buying a PC:


  • Intel Core i5 processing and 6GB DDR3 system memory
  • Massive 1TB storage capacity
  • Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n
  • Pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • DVI, FireWire, VGA, USB and media card connectivity options

Yikes! Check out this blog and we'll point you in the right direction...


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