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Be honest. How long did you wait for your computer to boot up this morning?


If it was more than a couple of minutes, I feel your pain – there was a time that I’d start my PC, then head off to make coffee. When I’d come back, it’d be almost ready for me. Because I found something to do in the interim, I could live with the delay.



You got a great gift for mom. Picked up a little something for the boss. And got everything on the kids’ lists.


Now, how about treating yourself to something special?



Windows 8 has arrived and is on so many beautiful devices! I am heading out into my local stores today just to see all the different designs and new devices running Windows 8 on them! This is going to be so much fun! I am so excited that I even made some home-made 'Windows 8 cookies' that I am bringing with me! That's how excited I am.  Make sure you...


How to – Prep Your PC for Windows 8

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Windows 8 on Convertible Ultrabook.jpgAre you ready?


Windows 8 is just days away from release. And while there’s a whole lot of buzz around everything from live tiles to streaming music, there are a few things you need to do to make your upgrade experience the best it can be.




It is a fun experience navigating Windows 8 both on a Tablet and on a PC. With the
new Touch experience, you can navigate the new menus that make Windows 8 so
beautiful with simple gestures. Though mouse and keyboard users are able to
navigate very simply and the clicks are very similar. This means that no matter
what Windows 8 device you pickup, you will know how to navigate with ease! But
how do you navigate Windows 8 when the first thing you see looks so


See What's New, Right Away in Windows 8!

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"Re-imagined and yet simpler than ever before." That's my first take on the Windows® 8 Release Preview. It has been out for a while now allowing the world to test out and experience the upcoming 're-imagined' Windows®8.  I honestly have to say that the Live Tiles function has to be my most favourite feature introduced into the new Microsoft® ecosystem. The fact that at first glance I can see everything that’s new and happening in my multiple email inbox's, what's new with my friends on my Social Media Networks, my favourite news feeds giving me the latest headlines and so much more! It just makes things so much easier to see what's new and the latest info on the surface without having to load up an app. But what are Live Tiles?


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