You got a great gift for mom. Picked up a little something for the boss. And got everything on the kids’ lists.


Now, how about treating yourself to something special?


Are you feeling like a tech Guinea Pig lately?

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excite_SIDE_BTY_Rt_EGG.jpgIt’s official, 2011 was the year of the tablet and in a big way! Let me share a stat with you to illustrate how much the tablet truly dominated the conversation last year. As all large organizations do, we monitor press coverage for our various products; in 2011 a whopping 50% of our coverage was for tablets! That really shows just how hot the tablet category has become in a short period of time.


TL515_Football_B.jpgAre you tired of hearing about 3D? I am. Which you may think is odd coming from an employee of a tech manufacturer. But let me tell you why, I think 3D is a super cool technology and there are lots of great 3D TVs but the problem is there is very little 3D content. My 3D fatigue comes from the conundrum of hearing a lot about the technology when there isn’t much available to watch in 3D.


The Toshiba Z830 Ultrabook is my PC hero

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6083662507_7857676ee7_b.jpgEver wish your laptop could be ultra thin without sacrificing an ounce of performance? That time is now; enter the super thin and mighty Ultrabook. Smartphones and tablets are great for certain uses but when it comes to productivity nothing compares to a full functioning PC, especially for business and heavy users. With the introduction of the Ultrabook it’s no longer a question of sacrifice; you can have it all...and more.


With all the choices out there how do you pick the best laptop for school?

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Not too long ago a laptop was a luxury but these days it is a necessity for college and university students and starting to become so for high school and even primary students! Considering how important a laptop is for education and in preparation to enter a tech savvy workforce it’s crucial you do your research before plunking down your hard earned cash to make sure you get the best laptop to suit your technology needs.


Saving up and buying the perfect laptop is the way most of us have to do it but Toshiba’s giving you the chance to win not just a laptop but a laptop prize pack with all the accessories included to send you back to school fully setup and ready to go!


Click on the X-labs tab on the Toshiba Canada Facebook page to enter!


How does a tablet fit into your already full world of tech devices?

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There is no escaping it; this is the year of the tablet.
Almost every major tech manufacturer is releasing one this year and it’s all the tech blogs seem to talk about. So if you already have a smartphone and a laptop should you consider a tablet too? Where does a tablet fit into your tech world?


Waterproof your family’s vacation memories this summer

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Canadians sure do know how to make the best of the short burst of warm weather we get in a year – cottages, boating, camping - we soak in as much of the outdoors as possible to make up for the long cold winter. While we’re making all those great family memories we need to document them too – you’re in the minority now if your phone doesn’t take and shoot decent pictures and video. But smartphones aren’t always the most rugged and definitely not waterproof. On my boat I’m terrified I’m going to drop my phone in the water every time I remove it from its multi-layer fortress of protection to take a picture or shoot a video – which means it’s not accessible and I’m missing out on taking some great shots and capturing all those memories.


A win-win graduation gift for younger grads

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 Do you remember what your parents gave you as a grad present when you graduated from grade 8? Was it something functional your parents thought you needed or something fun you asked for? The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive! It’s possible to find a gift that is not only practical but also provides the “cool” factor to wow a grade 8 grad.


Sometimes it takes a TV to connect Dad to the internet and the rest of the family

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connectTV_Image.jpgHow tech savvy is your dad? Mine is the least technically inclined one of the family and he’s starting to feel left out. When he hears the rest of the family talking about pictures on facebook or a funny video on YouTube he wants to see them too but he doesn’t have a laptop or smartphone of his own (by choice).


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