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Best buy ripped me off.

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I bought a surface pro 4 from best buy in December 2016 with a extended warranty of worth 310 dollars for 3 years.

When I was sold this warrantly I was told that it is covered under accidental damage.


Today I happened to drop my tablet and it damaged the screen, so I went to the store and I was told that it doesnt covers the accidental damage and accidental damage ones are more expensive insurance(total protection plan).


Then for what did I pay 310 dollars on a 1000 dollar tablet?


Best Buy ripped me off completely. The same thing is offered in Apple store for 149 dollars. 2 year warrantly with 2 accidental replacements.

The selling agent didnt offer me their total protection plan, lied about accidental damage coverage.


We have been buying stuff from best buy, but no more. Thank you for your rip off bestbuy.


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Re: Best buy ripped me off.



I'm sorry to read about the experience you described. I'm not familiar with all the details of Geek Squad Services, but I've been told that Best Buy Canada does offer accidental damage coverage for the Surface Pro. It is possible, that the associate processed the wrong plan at the time of sale (I'm not saying that is what happened; this is hypothetical.). There's no way for me to know for sure what was processed and what was promised, but I've been told that there is a plan for accidental damage on the Surface Pro.


As this is a peer-to-peer discussion forum and not a customer service portal, customer service does not monitor or participate on the forum, and you are not communicating with them directly when you post on here. All customer service issues like the one you described will have to be directed to customer service.  1-866-237-8289. Your best option is to give them a call, explain to them the situation, and request for your issue to be escalated if necessary. They are the ones to provide any further assistance.


If you would prefer to NOT contact customer service yourself, I would be happy to pass along your info to them and have them reach out to you over email, but you might have to wait about 24 business hours for them to reach out to you. If you would like me to forward your info along, please click on my name on the side and send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE. I will need you to provide me with your name, email, and an order number, if you have that handy. Just don't post that info publically on the forum, for privacy reasons.







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Re: Best buy ripped me off.

Hi there,

it is possible there was some miscommunication at the time of purchase regarding the warranty plan. Our accidental coverage service is significantly more expensive than the one that your purchased, about 4 times more. So many people don't opt for it.

I would recommend working with the store manager from the location you purchased the tablet at to come to a resolution.

Best of luck.