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Cannot get Windows activated

I bought a laptop in April 2013. Brand-new, sealed Samsung laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed.


I am not getting a message that my Windows cannot be activated, and that the key cannot be used.

I called Microsoft and learned that the key is embedded in BIOS. I used a tool to find my key. Contacted MS again with the key, and they confirmed that the key is blocked for piracy. They told me that this key is floating around the internet. Since this is OEM key, I need to contact Samsung.


I contacted Samsung, and they simply refuse to do anything about it.


I searched my key online, and found that it was floating around since January 2013. So, my key was pirated even before I bought my laptop.


I paid my money to Bestbuy to buy this laptop. Is there anything Bestbuy can do?

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Re: Cannot get Windows activated

did you recently attempt a reinstall of the OS?

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Re: Cannot get Windows activated

I am sorry to hear that.  Usually in a case like this I would think Samsung would be the one doing the installs of the operating system.  I would try tweeting them, emailing them and calling again.  I am not 100% certain but, I think bestbuy wouldn't be installing the key's on this product.

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Re: Cannot get Windows activated



Thank you for your feedback. We have escalated your issue to customer service and they contact you via email.

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