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Connecting Ruku Box to old Dell monitor

Hi everyone, I'm trying to connect my Ruku Box to my old dell monitor in order to watch Netflix etc. I have a standard vga to hdmi adaptor with no power source. When everything is connected and I turn on the screen a box appears that says "in power saving mode, touch any key on keyboard or move mouse to continue". I obviously can't do that since the monitor isn't connected to the computer. I've Google how to get out of power saving mode. From what ive read so far the monitor goes into power saving mode when either it isn't receiving a video signal or when the batter in the motherboard has died and it tells it that the computer isn't working properly. Does anyone have any experience with this. I've seen some people connect with the **competitor** fire stick and it work. The only difference is they had a vga to hdmi adapter that had its own power source. But I'm worried that might not be fix. I'd really appreciate any help I can get.

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Re: Connecting Ruku Box to old Dell monitor

 I would find a VCR or DVD/BD player or a computer and test the monitor first to see that it is working properly with a proper video source.


Then I would try plugging in your Roku box.


Also check the connections for a loose fit.  That is usually the No. 1 problem.