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Does Best Buy ship RMAs to company (ASUS) for repair?

I purchased a computer just under a year ago from Best Buy. It started becoming really slow all of a sudden, did full reset and didn't help. I contacted the manufacturer's of my laptop (ASUS) and they knew that it must be a hardware problem. They set up an RMA for me, but I was just wondering if Best Buy can ship the product to the company for you? 

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Re: Does Best Buy ship RMAs to company (ASUS) for repair?

If you still have the original proof of purchase than yes your local geek squad is able to send it out for repair. The unit will not go to Asus directly but a Geek Squad repair facility that is authorized to do the repair. Tthey won't have the RMA # and information that was generated by asus directly so you would need to re-explain the issue with the agent. Shipping and what ever may be covered under the manufacture warranty would be covered if you did ship it via Geek Squad.


If you can't find your orginal proof of purchase there are other methods a store maybe able to help you find it.


Cheers hope that helps