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Failed Payment Process

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I recently received an email stating that my payment on my order failed to go through; probably just need to update the card info. The problem is everything I entered in is correct, I've checked it twice over. But it's weird, my credit card was charged for only half the order. I've called the credit card company to check if I was on an authorization block which is not the case. I've made sure that I had enough funds available to put this order through. So at the moment, only half my order is being fulfilled.
Just to clarify, the order contained two items, a laptop sleeve and the HP Spectre 13

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Re: Failed Payment Process

Hi @Iridescent,


Welcome to Plug-in. I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing some issues with your order.


I would recommend you call Customer Service (1-866-237-8289) as they can access your order and explain any issues and troubleshoot the problem with you. 


Please let me know how it goes or if there is anything else I can do to help.

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Re: Failed Payment Process

Hey brother I hear u had the same problem with my order. Came to the conclusion that no matter what u say or can prove they don't care. Credit card companies don't trust them and your pin is authorization.
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Re: Failed Payment Process

I have the same problem with my Nintendo Switch pre order, says the authorization didn't go through.  I call the bank, bank doesn't see the charge or pre-auth.  I see the pre-auths for my pro controller and charging grip, but nothing on the console itself, and I ordered it well before the other two orders.


My brother got the Switch Pre Order after me, and he has a full email notifice for shipment and full confirmation -- with no issues.  I don't get it.