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Geek squad?????

What are the terms and conditions of repair by Geek Squad?

How long does it take to repair which you think is acceptable?

Is there a period of repair after which you replace the computer because it is taking too long to fix?

Are Geek Squad team members really(???) knowledgeable? 

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Re: Geek squad?????

Hi there,


1) Depends on the repair - I would suggest going into your local store to discuss.

2) For units sent out to our service center, typically a repair takes 7-10 business days. Depending on the time and type of repair it may be more or less. For example, sending out something during back to school will generally be more due to the volume of units. 

3) The only time we replace a computer if a repair takes too long is if its covered under our Geek Squad Protection plan T&Cs

4) I certainly like to think so!