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General Question about Hard Drive

I recently bought Seagate Backup Plus Desktop 3TB which came with a power adapter. So will I always need the adapter when I want to connect the hard drive or I can recharge it first then use it without the power adapter?

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Re: General Question about Hard Drive

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I presume that you purchased this Seagate Backup Plus External HD ?

This unit will always require to be powered with the AC power adapter.

There are Mobile portable External Hard Drives available, that may serve your needs, these will be powered by your laptop, or desktop, using a dedicated USB 3.0 connection cable.


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Re: General Question about Hard Drive

Agreed - there are also battery powered external drives such as the Seagate Plus 2TB 2.5" Wireless Portable drive.

It is however very expensive ($234) relative to the storage space provided, battery life is decent.