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Good Gaming Laptops??

Hey everyone im looking to get a good gaming laptop this holiday season but i dont know which to look for, im tyring to keep it under 450$, does anyone have any good suggestions on which laptop to buy? I want it to be fast, and be able to play pretty much any game.

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Re: Good Gaming Laptops??

Getting a gaming laptop under $450 is really tough since the main thing you need is good graphics, and typically you need to spend more than $500 to get a laptop with a good dedicated graphics card.  One of the lowest priced models I would suggest for basic gaming is this Acer, most gaming laptops are going to be a lot more than this (+$1000) and while this model will run most games, it in no way should be considered for hard-core gaming purposes:


Besides getting a dedicated graphics card you could get a laptop featuring an AMD APU. Models with APU, will still usually be over $450, Learn more about APU here:


Laptops with the AMD A6 APU can be found here:


This HP features the AMD A8 APU, which is very fasy, but it is also $799:


Here are a couple independant tests showing AMD APU laptops playing some of the latest games:


Hope this helps.

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Re: Good Gaming Laptops??

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Here is one you should consider- 


 ASUS K53TA-BBR6 15.6inch 
AMD quad-core A6-3400M 
AMD Radeon HD 6720G2 

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Re: Good Gaming Laptops??

^Thats from Best Buy US.