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Incoming/outgoing Servers

Anyone know where,  on my computer, I can find the information on my incoming/outgoing servers?


I sure would appreciate any info available.




ps   I'm not too good on the computer so please keep the explanation very simple


Thank you.

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Re: Incoming/outgoing Servers

I think we need more context of what you are after.  Are you talking about:


- email configuration information on iPad/Windows 10/etc.?  

- your work's private network (VPN) settings?

- some other things?


Perhaps as a start, you can start by describing what you like to achieve or which problem you are having and we can go from there.








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Re: Incoming/outgoing Servers

As @CtrlAltDel has said we would need more information before we can even begin to know how to help


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Re: Incoming/outgoing Servers

Hi there,

as the others have said more information is required. Also when it comes to email configuration on Outlook (which I'm going to guess you're using) you need to know other things such as security type, ports, etc.

For something like that you can check Google for the major providers such as Rogers and Bell - they list their email settings publically.

If it is a company email (such as your business or one you work for) then you'd have to contact the hosting company or your IT department.

If all else fails, you can have our Geek Squad in-home agents come and configure it for you provided the information is available to put into outlook.

Best of luck