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Is my laptop still returnable?



I bought a Dell Inspiron 7000 13.3" yesterday, once I used it for a couple hours I was very dissatisified with the product. I am aware that I have 14 Days to return the product, however, I have removed the information sticker on the base of the keyboard.


I have stuck it back on but it has left a couple of air bubbles and the sticker is somewhat bent on one of the sides. Everything else I have kept in mint condition ex. Bottom sticker, intel sticker, manuals. Also, I have ripped open the plastic packaging that contained the battery and the foam coating that the laptop came in.


Am I still able to return this item despite all of this? If it helps in any way in terms of policies, I live in Canada.



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Re: Is my laptop still returnable?

Yes you should still be able to return it as long as you have all the parts that came in the box