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Looking to upgrade my laptop

Hi there,


I have had my current laptop - a Toshiba Satellite P300 since about 2008. Recently, it has become nearly unusable and I am looking to upgrade my portable computer. For reference, I have a powerful enough desktop computer, I'm just looking for some functionality on-the-go since I am going to travelling a lot in the near future. My budget for upgrading is $1000 CAD before taxes. Because of the age of my laptop, I am really out of touch with laptop technology these days and thought that I should ask for advice.


My laptop specs that I am most interested in upgrading are::


Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (CPU P7350) 2.0GHz

Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 (2301MB Graphics memory, 512MB Dedicated) and DirectX 10, Screen Resolution is 1440x900

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium


It's got internal storage of about 300GB, but I have a very good external hard drive, so this isn't a huge deal. My main concerns with the laptop aside from it not functioning is the bulk of the machine. It's 17'' screen is a little too large and the machine is too heavy to be convenient in a bag. I would love to downsize - if possible.


I am hoping to use the new laptop for work/school programs, Microsoft Suite and programs like Photoshop. Like the Satellite, I am also hoping to play some games on it. I don't want to run any new AAA titles, the most taxing of anything I want to play is probably Heroes of the Storm which overheats my current laptop.


Thanks for reading,




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Re: Looking to upgrade my laptop

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Hi there,

after looking at the system requirements for that game and the other tasks you want to do. I think something like this would be more than sufficient.

If you primarily use an external hard drive for storage then this will not be a big limitation as this particular laptop has a 256GB capacity, but its an SSD so there will be a substantial improvement in the overall speed/responsiveness overall, which I think is well worth it.

Its well below your budget cap, you could even use some of that difference towards one of those slim passport external drives to carry with you. I figured that since you are going to be travelling a lot, something of the ultrabook nature would be a good place to start when looking for a replacement.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Looking to upgrade my laptop



Thanks a lot. That looks perfect.