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Macbook Air, Lost Receipt

The Macbook air i bought last year was stolen yesterday and for insurance stuff I need the receipt.


I have lost the physical receipt and was unable to find an e-receipt. I do have the order number and the email confirmation (which I have attached).


The question is, it possible for me to get the original receipt?


P.S. I have tried looking under my account but I could not locate the order of my Macbook in order history (I might have purchased it as a guest?)

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Re: Macbook Air, Lost Receipt

You should call customer service and/or visit your local store.


They could possibly search for your purchase based on your receipt and/or your credit card.


Sorry to hear your laptop was stolen.  The same thing happened to me two years ago and it sucks.  They actually smashed the rear driver's window and grabbed my laptop but left my bag of beef jerky.


Lesson learned:  Don't go visit Houston, TX and don't leave your laptop in the car!

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Re: Macbook Air, Lost Receipt

Hi there,

provided you have the order number you can go to your local Best Buy's customer service desk and they can pull up the receipt for you. It should only take a few minutes to reprint it.