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Open box reductions

I see that Best Buy (in the US) reduces Open Boxes of their Samsung tablets by up to $60.00.  Does anyone know what the policy in Canada is?


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Re: Open box reductions

Hi @ZiggyZoo, welcome to the Best Buy Community Plug-in forum Smiley Happy

All Open Box items are also reduced in Canada, as with Best Buy in the US, the amount of reduction will depend on how long the item has been classified as "Open Box" .

Each item will have an "Open Box" sticker attached, with a date specifying when that item was returned to the shelf as Open box after it was inspected by the Geek Squad and re-set to factory specs accordingly .


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Re: Open box reductions

To answer OP's question, the open box price is typically reduced between 5-10% depending on the model and age.

Clearance items are usually reduced further.