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Pull down and right click menus disappear

When I click on a pull down (or drop down) menu or I right click for a menu, the menu briefly appears then disappears before I can click on a menu item. This occurs on certain software only, example Libre Office, VLC, GIMP, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Avast, Adobe Digital Editions and others but I have no problem with Adobe Reader, Audacity, Irfanview, Xnview, Notepad, etc. I also noticed that the busy icon is always blinking. Websites that have pull down selection boxes are also affected. Ribbon menus are OK so far. Also of note is that it only occurs as a standard user; admin user is not affected that is, all menus work fine and the busy icon does not blink. I have scanned with Avast and Trendmicro Housecall and there are no viruses. It occurs regardless of input devices (touchpad, mouse). I have tried rebooting several times. HP Pavillion dv6, Windows Home 10.

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Re: Pull down and right click menus disappear

Are you up to date with all of the updates?