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Re: System Recovery - Sony Laptop

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Do you have someone else with a windows key or a windows disk. Any windows disk that is the same version as your key will work.  You can also try and get an "official" windows disk from "unofficial" sources



also what key are you using? if its the sticker on the laptop it should just see it as a windows key and shouldnt know that its a sony


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Re: System Recovery - Sony Laptop

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Since it won't allow you to use a OEM key to download the ISO and you don't have access to a legitamate windows 7 installer disk (not recovery media) there is one more option if you wanted to try yourself. 99% of the time you can still use the windows 10 installer and actually activate it with the OEM windows 7 key even if you never did the free upgrade within the first year but the only problem is a lot of Sony's don't always play nicely with windows 10. Since you said you have upgraded to windows 10 after the install it should auto reactivate based off the HWID.


If you wanted to stick with windows 7 you can again bring it to Geek Squad and have them do the repair under Geek Squad Computer Diagnostic & Repair In Store Service or the Geek Squad Home Membership. As long as they can still read the key on the bottom they will be able to reinstall the core OS with the correct drivers and most importantly have it activated properly.


EDIT: Here is the windows 10 installer link and it does not require product key to download you just need to know the right version to reinstall.


Hope that helps a bit more



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Re: System Recovery - Sony Laptop

What is your actual goal?


Is it to just recover the laptop hardware and have a functioning laptop again?  If so, download Linux for free and you can use it again.


Is it to recover data on your corrupt drive?  If so, then remove the HD from the laptop and connect it to another known good PC to recover the files from it.


Is it to restore your original Windows environment?   Did you try all of the recovery options already?  Since you don't have the original install discs and VAIO has been sold off, it doesn't sound like you are under warranty or have any support from Sony.


You can either purchase original install discs from Microsoft or a third party, or purchase a new set of install discs for whatever OS is latest (Windows 10?) and it should hopefully keep your original data.


I would still start with option #2 and recover the data first.

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Re: System Recovery - Sony Laptop

Thanks for your help.   You are correct I was able to succesfully use windows 10 to get my computer back up and running.   After download of the installer software I did have to enter my product code to load windows  however it was accepted by microsoft whereas when I tried to download windows 7, the original operating system on this computer, it was blocked from download because of the original licensing agreement with Sony.    Some very strange logic there. 


In any case the Vaio is up and running again.  I have not loaded any Sony drivers, not sure they are really essential.


Thanks very much for your input.