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Terrible service complaint

It all started around what, October of last year? At the Sunridge Bestbuy in Calgary. By then my computer that i had bought from best buy was 2 or more years old so when it stared acting up i wasnt surprised. luckily i had bought the extended warranty so i decided to take it in. 1-2 weeks later when it comes back i take it home and its fine for maybe a week and then stops working again. Im like okay maybe they just need another look at it.  Take it back and you guys take it for another week and a half. this time i get it back, again it works for around a week and then starts having issues again. i take it back for a third time. this time he says they have to send it off to the warehouse or something. a MONTH LATER, a whole fricking month, my computer was gone. finally it comes back..... AND IT DOESNT FRICKING work, and the problem is somehow worse, now it just randomly crashes all the time, how do you guys manage to have my computer for that long and manage to make it worse, what the frick. if this wasnt bad enough im just getting started. i take my computer in for a fourth time. you guys take it for a week and a half. comes back and FINALLY I MEAN FRICKING FINNALLY you say you cant fix it, only took two months of wasting my time. and you give me my money back. im super happy.. but its on a gift card... you only have good computers online so i find one i like and decide to use the gift card plus some more of my own money to get a really good upgrade. you would think that 1500$ would get me a fricking product that works right? so i order it and moments later get an email from you guys saying to call and make sure everything checks out. i call, relay some information and the guy tells me everythng is all good. im like sweet. wait a week and a half until the delivery day. and whatya know. NOTHING shows up. 


So i decide to order it again. same email. called again, this time i got a much better employee who actually made sure everything was alright before we ended the call. now to wait another week and a half. Computer arrives, thank goodness, might nightmare is over. oh wait. 2 weeks later one of the fans completely stops working and if i use the computer it over heats. So i bring the computer in and you guys actually do something right! No questions asked. you just ship me a new one. Im super excited that you guys are being reasonable. wait another week and a half for the computer to get here. GUESS WHAT IT WONT EVEN FRICKING TURN ON FROM THE VERY START. is this a joke? how have you guys made it this far treating your customers like this? So i decided to take the computer to best buy customer service and try and get my money back , return the stupid computer and shop at a different store. So the lady again this time, no questions asked says she will refund the money to the mastercard and give me cash for the rest of it. Im shocked, was it really this easy to get this done? She goes into the back and comes out saying sorry she doesnt have enough cash at the store right now to refund me so she gives me an invoice, and says come back the next day late at night so they will have enough money.

So i come in the next day, that lady isnt there. i go to customer service and the lady asks who told you this, we cant refund you in cash its just not possible. she gets her manager and they both sit there telling me they cant do ANYTHING, you guys screwed me over and you cant do ANYTHING to fix it? what a complete joke. i get mad and tell them my entire story and they dont care. just sit there and tell me they cant do anything. why would i want a bestbuy gift card for 1100$ if every fricking thing you guys send me doesnt work? As of right now i go out of my way to tell people not to shop at this horrible store. You guys better fix this. real fricking quick.

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Re: Terrible service complaint

Hey @daveow29.


Sorry to hear about that experience. Besides the store, have you tried escalating what you have described to the customer service department at the head office? This is a peer-to-peer forum and not a customer service centre, so customer service does not monitor this forum or participate on this forum. Customer service issues can't be resolved on the forum. I can escalate what you have described to customer service if you would like. I will need you to send me your order number and contact info in a private message. Don't post that info on here for privacy reasons. If you would like me to escalate this along for you, just send me a private message with that info. 






FYI: Thanks for posting on the forum. For those who are not aware, this is a peer-to-peer forum. The majority of posts on here are from members of the peer-to-peer community made up of other customers and forum participants. They provide great peer-to-peer advice and feedback. If you have a customer service issue, complaint, problem with your account, or inquiry about an order, please call customer service at 1-866-237-8289 to have your matter addressed.


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