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Worst customer service

I bought an Asus compiouter from best buy uptown victoria,bc. And withing 2 mnths i got an issue in my computer and went to best buy to get it repaired as i am paying for the warrante, but the returen my computer without repairing it proper n i faced the same problem and when again i went to best buy for repair the employee took the computer and told me that he will repair it as soon as possible and will call me nect day and today its more than 5 days i didnt got any cll from studies are suffering because of your worst service. I want tou to repair my computer as soon as possible or give my money back for buying the computer and also what I am payin $20 each month for warranty.
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Re: Worst customer service

This is a peer to peer forum, you would need to contact customer service to get your issue resolved.


What is the issue with the computer? Could it be something that only happens once and a while so the tech was unable to fix it as they never saw the issue happen?