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anyone bought from Watchvendor?

Has anyone bought a product from Watchvendor? I ordered a refurbished Ipad from them. I just received it, came badly packaged, with cheap accessories and not in the original packaging. The ad was misleading because they should have given the correct product description. Anyone has a experience buying from them? BB should take more responsibility if they're allowing them to sell on their platform. The ad was posted by BB

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Re: anyone bought from Watchvendor?

What did the description say? What you received sounds correct for typical refurbished items


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Re: anyone bought from Watchvendor?

I clicked on 4 different refurbished iPads from our website, the first part of the description is as follows.


Refurbished, 100% functional & Ready to use! Good Condition: 7 out of 10. Will have slight scratches on screen or casing. Ships in non retail box with iPad and USB Cable.



Seems accurate to me in terms of the condition and non-retail box. The packaging is another story, but I suppose as long as its sufficient then it doesn't necessarily need to look pretty. Afterall, it is a refurbished product and likely done so by a 3rd party, not Apple themselves.