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laptop warranty

Bought an Asus laptop back in January. It was working fine for 2 days then the adaptor stopped working. It doesn't light up and it has a burnt smell to it. Unfortunately I had a family death and had to fly out of the country of a month. When I returned I tried to take it to the store to fix it, they turned me down since it has been over a month after purchase, I offered to pay for a new adaptor , but best buy don't carry any spare parts of laptops. They told me to contact Asus. After a talk with Asus they said to refer to the distributor I bought it from( best buy). Went to best buy but they said they don't have anything to do with it. An employee in best buy tried to be helpful and suggest buying an adaptor off **competitor** , and it turns out that the adaptor I bought doesn't fit. So now I am stuck with a manufacturer who claims that they the distributor should help and a distributor who doesn't have the capability to help. I wanted to reven eturn the laptop to best buy.

Any advice would be appreciated, Ive had a non working laptop for 3 Months now and no solution.

I thought best buy had a 1 year warranty and Asus ( the manufacturer) had a 3 year warranty.

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Re: laptop warranty

Thank you for your feedback. While the forums aren’t monitored by our Customer Service team, we have forwarded your concern to that department and someone will be reaching out to you via the email address you registered to the community with.

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Re: laptop warranty

asus has a 1 year warranty, you have no warranty from bestbuy (although best buy does facilitate warranty repairs)


however the ac adapter for a laptop is considered an accessory, and those are only covered for 3 months, which you are no over


bestbuy doesn't carry a specific adapter for asus, so you would have to either buy a 3rd party adapter (multi head adapter that does multiple laptops)


or find a way to order a specific asus one 

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Re: laptop warranty

did the burnt smell come from the adapter or the computer? You may want to make sure that you havent damaged the computer as well before looking for a new adapter


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Re: laptop warranty

If you are looking for a replacement adapter, look at the one that you have now and take note of the serial and model number for it. Then I would recommend contacting Asus directly, as they will be able to tell you whether they can send you a new one or tell you where to buy a new one. Like Drax said, though, it might be a good idea to have your computer checked out (since it's still under warranty) and you'll be able to determine what caused the issue.



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Re: laptop warranty

my adapter did the same thing with the burnt smell, and the light thing. I had to send it away and we figured out that when the adapter burned, it damaged the inner part of the pc part. Once that was replaced, I got a new adapter cord and no problems since.