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"Pre-Order" release date : Waiting for Godot?

I purchased a "Pre-Order"  item that  had a release date of April 28th indicating "Free delivery arrives as early as April 28th."


Now my order status indicates that BestBuy has moved the release date by a week to May 5th. 


I am clearly annoyed. Does this happen often with pre-order items?  If I don't receive the item within 7 days I will never purchase a pre-order item again, as this has been an unsatisfactory customer service experience.

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Re: "Pre-Order" release date : Waiting for Godot?

Release dates change all the time, there is many factors as to why a date will change, some are out of Best Buys hands. 


If the date has been changed then threats of never buying again will not make it come any faster.


"as early" means that is the earliest it will arrive but since release has been pushed back you will now receive it "as early" as May 5th