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Enter to win Vega Sports Nutrition from Best Buy!

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Enter to win Vega Sports Nutrition from Best Buy!



vega-to-your-day now offers Vega nutritional productsBest Buy is giving away 15 great Vega products in a contestOur writers have been posting articles and recipes about Vega products recently. To enter our contest, please visit our blog.












How to enter:

There are 2 fun ways to enter this contest. Leave a comment saying what flavour or type of Vega product available from Best Buy Canada you would like to try. Also, you can leave a separate comment sharing a great recipe that you would like to make if you win one of these Vega prizes. That means you can enter a maximum of two times.



What you can win:

We will randomly select 15 entries from all eligible comments ENTERED HERE ON THE BLOG. Each of those people will win one of the 15 Vega prizes (complete list of Vega product prizes is shown in the rules and regulations which you can read by clicking the link shown below).



This contest will run from January 20th until  February 2nd.

Remember you can enter only twice, once by telling a flavour or type of Vega product you’d like to try, and once by sharing a recipe that you will make it you win. You can also share this article with friends and family so that they too have a chance to win an amazing Vega prize.






Click here for the contest blog article and to learn more about the details >


Click here to learn more about Vega and explore some Vega recipes >


Click here to view and shop for our selection of Vega products >


Click here for the Vega sports nutrition contest rules and regulations >

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