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Iron Deficiencies and Iron-Rich Foods

As someone who is iron deficient, I am always looking for the best iron supplement and iron-rich foods to supplement my diet.


I currently flip flop around different iron brands - has anyone tried the Orange Naturals Iron Supplement?


What are some iron-rich foods that people eat? I am a big Kale fan (kale and berry smoothies, kale salads, yum!) but the mollusks, red meats and liver that are typically iron-rich just aren't appealing to me! Any other suggestions?

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Re: Iron Deficiencies and Iron-Rich Foods

Try Egyptian Mulukhiyah  AKA Jews Mallow plant. Picture here

There are many great recipes on-line, none better than my Mom's.
  She would add either Lamb or Chicken, served on bed of rice, or in a bowl as stew/soup.

Try to find cut &frozen leaves at a local Mediteranean Grocery shop. avoid the dried if possible.

Use fresh spices, and enjoy with good health !