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Join the #KEEPFITHAVEFUN Twitter party for a chance to WIN a $1200+ Fitness Prize pack & more!

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 We’re only two weeks into 2016 and there’s a good chance a few of you (ahem, and myself) have let our New Year’s Resolutions slide. To help you re-boot your resolutions and get you motivated we’ve partnered with a great roster of people for our #KeepFitHaveFun Twitter party on Wednesday January 13th at 4pm PST / 7 pm EST.


Best Buy Canada will be asking a series of 10 questions around health and fitness and our special guests, Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod from Body Break, Tom Emrich from WeAreWearables, along with iHealth and Basis Peak will be providing insightful answers with tips to make 2016 your best year yet!


Plus, by joining our #KeepFitHaveFun Twitter party and answering our questions YOU have the chance to WIN great prizes including our grand prize fitness package valued at over $1200! Everyone is welcome to join and no registration is required!


One of the leading themes throughout the chat will be how to integrate wearable technology into your daily routine helping you create new habits and stay motivated. All too often in January we try to make drastic changes to our daily routine that are just too tough to stick with. During the party you’ll learn how layering in wearable fitness technology can be one small adjustment to your daily routine but can have huge benefits in helping you create new life changing habits.



Our #KeepFitHaveFun party includes the legendary Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod from Body Break! For anyone who, like me, grew up in the 80’s and 90’s you remember Hal & Joanne’s high energy Body Break clips which cut in during commercials (thank goodness we didn’t have DVRs back then!). I won’t lie I’m incredibly excited to have Hal & Joanne on board for our chat who after 30 years are still providing great motivation and tips for keeping Canadians fit and having fun!










Tom Emrich, Canada’s wearable technology guru will also be joining us! He knows everything there is to know about wearable technology from the huge assortment of fitness trackers available even to the latest pet wearables! Tom was recently at CES learning about the latest wearable technology and reporting back to Canadians through top blogs like Mobile Syrup and We Are Wearables.




If you’re looking for more than just a fitness tracker our #KeepFitHaveFun Twitter party is also featuring the team from Basis Peak who’s smartwatch provides not only fitness tracking but also a heart rate monitor and sleep tracker. Backed by Intel and developed with scientific data the Basis Peak has 5 different sensors tracking everything you do. You don’t even have to give this smartwatch a heads up if you’re falling asleep as the watch just knows (don’t worry it doesn’t know if you’re having that Ryan Reynolds dream again but it does know that you’re dreaming!).





10342304_4.jpgThe team from iHealth will also be joining and bringing with them their health tracking expertise through a family of products that take analyzing your overall health to a new level. They have a series of products which can help you monitor for specific health concerns like their wireless blood pressure and glucose monitors which provide data directly to your smartphone allowing you to track your health. My personal favourite iHealth product is their smart scale and body analyzer! While I admit getting on the scale is not my favourite thing to do with their smartscale you can track 9 different measurements including muscle mass, BMI, bone mass, lean mass, and daily caloric intake, it then takes all of this data and records it into the MyVitals app, so I can keep an eye on the changes to my body composition, and in a way turn tracking into a game!








With these great partners involved, the #KeepFitHaveFun Twitter party is going to be a great time! But to make it even greater, we’re giving away some awesome prizes including our Grand Prize Fitness pack valued at over $1200, and including these great products:


Blendtec Designer 625 2.66L 1560-Watt Countertop Blender          $579.99

Jabra Sport Pulse wireless buds                                                              $249.99

Garmin VIvoSmart HR                                                                                  $199.99

iHealth Wi-Fi Smart Scale & Body Analyzer                                           $139.99

Skullcandy Sport Performance                                                                  $59.99


The Basis Peak Team have also added a Basis Peak smartwatch as an additional prize to be awarded to a lucky participant and the iHealth team are giving away an additional iHealth Wi-Fi Smart Scale & Body Analyzer!




To qualify to win follow @BestBuyCanada, @BodyBreak, @TomEmrich, @iHealthLab and @MyBasis on Twitter. Then be sure to answer our #KeepFitHaveFun Twitter party questions on Wednesday January 13th at 4pm PST/7pm EST. No registration is required for this party so we hope to see everyone there!


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Re: Join the #KEEPFITHAVEFUN Twitter party for a chance to WIN a $1200+ Fitness Prize pack & mor

Ya hoooooooo,,sounds like great fun,, Thanks #KEEPFITHAVEFUN