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Must Have’s for Every Backpack

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hellokitty stationery

So I’ll be returning to school myself this September, after a (really) long hiatus and I’m thinking my “backpack” will probably be more along the lines of a tote bag that is appropriate (i.e. fashionable) for work and school. As long as it’s big enough to stash my SurfacePro, textbooks, snacks and the random stationary I’ve splurged on because I’m pumped to be on campus again, I’m covered! And yes, I am absolutely sure an occasion will arise where these Hello Kitty pencils will be required Smiley Wink


While it may be easy peasy for adult students taking a class or two, the majority of the Back to School crowd will need to put a whole lot more elbow grease in to getting everyone ready for the year ahead. A full day in school requires that one very special tantrum inducing backpack and all the many necessary essentials in just the right colours, with just the right doodads.


To try and ease that end of summer sting for all, Best Buy has created a few fun age appropriate breakdowns that will hopefully lead to no actual breakdowns in store Smiley Happy


For the preschoolers:


Preschool backpack

Parents, p
ay special attention to the RETRAK Monkey Headphones and the Spill Free Drinking Cup. 



For the Elementary school students:


Elementary backpack


Who doesn’t recall the days of scented markers with fondness? Put them in the backpack and step away ...



For the high school crowd:


High school backpack


 The backpack is sturdier these years and the fashion headphones are never far! They’ll also let you know when it’s safe to engage Smiley Wink


And If you need further inspiration, check out @Shelly_Wutke 's article Best back to school picks for your kid's backpack or our dedicated Back To School page.


So I hope all this has helped wrap your head around the back to school mission you’re about to embark on! It’s certainly had me take a second look at that spill free drinking cup Smiley Very Happy Were the pictures on the mark? I’d love to hear what the must have item is on your list or what your kids most outrageous demands are this year! 



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Re: Must Have’s for Every Backpack

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