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Mutant Whey Review

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Mutant Whey - Triple Chocolate Eruption.


Mixability: 8/10: I found that this mixes well in a shaker bottle with water and or skim milk. Only problem I had were some slight chunks that didn't get dissolved through shaking, but using 2 scoops that’s not even an issue, they were so small and there weren't many anyways.


Taste: 9/10: very good taste for a whey blend and with the profile it has. I added Peanut butter and blended, it tasted like I was drinking a Reese's peanut butter cup


Price: 9/10: for the ingredient profile you’re getting this is a heck of a price, the price is more than comparable to other Whey Protein’s.

Overall: I think that this is a great Whey protein and I use it daily.


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Re: Mutant Whey Review

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that's a really good review - we have a review of other protein powders on the VIVA Blog that you might be interested in.