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What's in your bag?

I always love the "What's in your bag?" articles in magazines like Us Magazine - seeing what's inside someone's handbag provides great insight into their likes and habits.


I am going on vacation next week and always pack my big bag to accomodate the weather and plane temperatures - here what's in my bag!


My handbag is like the Hey's Morroco Leather Tote - big enough to hold everything I need. After choosing my carry-on purse, I throw in:

- My wallet (check out this cute pink Roots zippered wallet - big enough for all your cards and stylish enough to carry around on its own)

- A scarf (planes get really chilly and you never know what the weather is going to be like when you land, especially if you arrive somewhere at night)

- My sunglasses (bring them on board so they don't get crushed in your suitcase)

- A colourful necklace (we all know how a statement necklace can jazz up an outfit)


Also, don't forget about some personal care items to ensure you land looking your best:

- Kleenex hand towels

- Burt's Bees lip balm

- Natural facial wipes


What's in your bag?



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Re: What's in your bag?

I always bring a medium bag when travelling to make sure that I can bring the stuff that I need. I have sunglasses, my wallet, mobile phone, tumbler for my drinks and a skin care/beauty pouch. I always have a natural facial wipes with me to clean and remove the dirt in my skin. I got my natural facial cleansing wipes at Essenzza Health.