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Laser Printer

Been looking at some colour Laser Printers for home use; HP, Lexmark, Brother etc Any recommendations as to which brand or model best suited for home. This will have 4 toners but last longer than to have colour cartridges changed or dry so often. Can anyone recommend any particular brand and or models for home use? Zimer
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Re: Laser Printer

Hi Zimmer,


It is very difficult to pinpoint which printer is best for you with the criteria you have given.  However here are a few questions that need to be answered:


1) Volume

How many pages a month do you print?  Most home and small business users don't know the answer to this question.  So an easy way to figure this out is how often you buy a package of plain white pager (usually 500 pages).


2) Printer or MFD (Multi Function Device)

Are you looking simply for a printer or would you like to be able to scan, copy and/or send faxes as well as print.  If scanning and faxing are important to you; are you going to be scanning or faxing a lot of documents that contain multiple pages?


3) Networkable

A networkable printer is one that doesn't connect to any specific machine but directly to your network.  This means that your printer usually connects to a router, access point or a switch.  The advantage is that one printer can be accesible to all your devices in your home including but not limited to your computer, laptop, netbook, tablet, iPhone/iPad, etc.


There are two kinds of network printers.  Wired network printers and wireless network printers.  The difference is how they connect up to your network.  Wired printers need to be near a network jack, switch or router.  Wireless printers simply need to be in wireless range of your router or access point. 


Whether your printer is a wired or wireless network device, it can still be accessed wireless by your laptops, netbooks, tablets or iPhones/iPads.  Because these objects are on the same network.


4) Duplexing

 To duplex or not to duplex that is the next question.  Duplexing is the ability for the printer to print to both sides of the page.  Thereby saving paper and hence the environment.


5) Size

How large of an area do you have to put the printer.  I have arrived on several installs and there is insufficient room to put the printer where the client intended too.  Thereby having the customer find another spot, have to buy another piece of furniture or in the rarest of cases exchange it for another product.


Armed with the answers to the above questions, go forth and venture to your nearest Best Buy and have one of our capable associates help you pick out the unit that best suits your needs.  This would provide you with the ability to see the printers for yourself and for some units even see a sample print job.  However if you prefer, you can post the answers here I am sure someone will be able to give your their suggestions.

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