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Printer usage?

Thinking about buying a new printer and wondered what everyone else is using for there current printer needs. Let me know what your printing, and what might be the benefit of using inkjet vs color laser. Thanks for the feedback

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Re: Printer usage?

Colour Inkjet:

o cheaper initial cost (for the printer and print cartridge(s)). $50+

o much lower quality resolution (it is very obvious whether something is printed on an inkjet or a colour laser).

o great for doing school or hobby projects, but not for professional documents or papers.

o runs out of ink fairly quickly, even if you are not using it.


Colour Laser:

o  more expensive initial investment ($250+)

o  much higher resolution (you usually cannot see pixels)

o  great for doing professional documents (resumes) or wedding/party invitations for adults

o I don't have personal experience, but the toner cartridge should last much longer than an inkjet.


I do own a black and white laser printer and it is all I really need.  I am an infrequent printer, so my original toner cartridge lasted me about 4 years and cost about $50 to replace.


For my printing uses (resumes, home budgets, emails, web pages, etc) the B&W is fine.  I would only consider colour if you had a specific project in mind for it that the B&W printer cannot handle.  The prices are dropping all of the time.


Nowadays you may also want to consider:


o  Wi-fi access

o  All-in-ones (printer/scanner/fax)

o  multi-sheet feeding trays (great if you have to scan a 10-pg document)

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Re: Printer usage?

I totally agree with the idea of wifi-printing if you own a laptop.  My ink cartridge dryed out too often until I got myself a wireless printer.


Other things to consider.....

  • consider "airprint" certified printers by HP & Epson if you have an iPad.  This makes the printer more valuable
  • consider all-in-one devices (ie scanner) to minimize desk space.  There are wifi-versions as well
  • do you burn a lot of DVD's?  Look for Epson ink-jets that all you to print on specially coated DVD's.  Works much better than labels that would warp my disks over time
  • if you find yourself printing more than a dozen pages a month, seriously look at a laser to compliment it.  Entry BW lasers cost as little as a colour inkjet cartridge!
  • Entry lasers are also available wifi and/or airprint
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Re: Printer usage?

I printed a bunch of 4x6 photos recently and they turned out amazing - put them into a photo book and they are perfect to share with friends and family.